Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Crabapple Bonsai

Here is an update on my crabapple bonsai. I chose not to repot this year so it's a little root bound. I hope to get some short internodes and small leaves so I can begin to refine the image. I need a new pot for this tree eventually. I kind of like it in a round pot. Still no sign of flowers yet.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

American Elm Bonsai

I will have to apologize because I had originally been calling this tree a winged elm. I now believe that it is not a winged elm since it has failed to produce wings. I will now be calling this tree American Elm. Sorry for the confusion.

I got the tree out today to take a quick photograph while the leaves are still small. I like this tree a lot and it seems to be getting more tree-like each year. The leader had died back over the winter so I wired up a new one. I'd like to keep the tree tall like it is now but if I need to, in the future, I may shorten it. Lately I am favoring tall trees. I never much liked the perfectly tapered sumo trees that have become such a trend. Also I am favoring the more upward reaching branches and eventually branches going all directions in a slightly haphazard construction. This tree isn't supposed to look ancient but I do hope it to look naturalistic as it progresses. So far I am pleased with its development.