Saturday, January 23, 2016

Floating Bonsai!!! and Crabapple Bonsai, winter update

First off the more I think about it, the more appealing a floating bonsai display becomes. The art of bonsai can still take steps forward. I personally find it visually striking. Check it out HERE

2015 was a big year for this crabapple tree that I collected in Kentucky about seven years ago. I reduced it's height by about half as well as a large portion of roots. The idea here is to give the trunk taper and emphasis as well as improve nebari (surface roots).

I knew the plant would respond well to this and, when I look back, I wish I had reduced it's height much earlier. Instead of it being a total waste of time, the past seven years I have both gotten to know this particular tree and learned a great deal about bonsai principals. whatever the case may be, I think this one is on a good path now. I am confident that in another seven years it will develop into a lovely bonsai display. Maybe even a floating one. Who knows.

Here is an image of the tree when it was taller.