Thursday, September 6, 2012

Collected Elm Bonsai, first year in a pot.

Winged elm will grow (Zones 6 through 9) in full sun but prefer shade and will tolerate drying out between waterings. The winged elm is a fast grower, quickly producing the fine twiggy growth and small leaves. It will take heavy pruning throughout the growing season. They are vigorous top growers, so when pruning keep more leaves on the lower branches and less on the upper branches. The twigs tend to grow in a naturally pleasing zig-zag manner and the leaves reduce to a half inch or less.

I collected this tree last summer in the Cincinnati area. It had been wired a little and routinely pruned. I removed many of the lower branches and much of its root system. The tree has been fed very sparingly and is growing in full sun. I plan on picking up many more of these in the nearest future.

Like what you see? Make me an offer and I just might consider selling it to you :)

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