Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pear Bonsai

Here is a little pear tree that was collected by the railroad tracks in Northern Kentucky a few years ago. Actually that is where I get a lot of my trees from. It takes some time and energy, of course, to collect a tree from the wild, but it beats paying a lot of money for some plant material that totally lacks character. One thing I like about the Pear tree for bonsai is that it is extremely hardy. I leave it outside all winter here in Cincinnati, only bringing it inside when temperatures drop below 16 degrees (Fahrenheit) and even then the tree would probably survive. Just being cautious I guess. They always develop nicely textured bark in a considerably short amount of time which you can see is beginning to happen with this one right around the base of the trunk. This tree will also produce white flowers sometime in the future although I'm starting to wonder when exactly.

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